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The photograph is taken by Mikael Karlsson

What I find fascinating about photography is that the person taking a picture also tries to tell a story in a fraction of a second. For example, you can ask ten different people to take a picture of a simple subject, a plain glass for example, and you are guaranteed ten different versions on one and the same glass. In other words, there are no photographs that are exactly similar to each other - even if the same motif exists. This is exactly what makes photography so exciting and fascinating.

Here you can choose to see some of my photos in four different photo albums (click on one of the pictures for each album).

The photographs are taken by me with my own camera and it is NOT allowed to use any of my photographs without my permission.

Mikael Karlsson

Swedish Amateur Radio Operator




Skogvaktarvägen 4, 1 trappa
151 47 Södertälje, SWEDEN


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