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Can I help You?

- Do you have ideas that you would like to realize but don't know how to do or do you need help making your imprint in amateur radio bigger and more attractive?

I can help design a more personal look on your digital (for example eQSL card) or your QSL card.

My philosophy when it comes to designing QSL-cards is that I'm trying to show some form of connection to a country, city or a piece of your personal story so the recipient of the card can get a feeling for who You are.

For example - maybe you want to show and describe your country, the city where you live, a hobby you especially like or show a picture of you and your amateur radio station - there are endless opportunities to make your card into something unique and special.

Ready and simple layouts can perhaps be a good thing if you just want to send your digital QSL cards quickly and don't care about how it looks - BUT such a card is usually very impersonal and quite boring for a radio amateur to receive and it probably ends with the fact that your card will be forgotten and never even seen.

Designing and printing colorful and fine QSL cards on paper can in many cases be an expensive investment. But creating a digital version of their card doesn't have to be costly at all - so why not try to actually do something that will also please all those who receive your digital QSL card.

Today, there are various digital platforms on the Internet where you can easily create an account and with this you can also send and / or receive digital QSL cards. For example, there are eQSL, GlobalQSL and DARC, and in these cases you can create your own personal QSL card by uploading a finished high-resolution image with the right format. The cheapest alternative is eQSL, but you should also be aware that many awards require QSL cards on paper and there are not QSL cards from eQSL approved - but everything is, as I said earlier, a priority question where you want to put your investments.

How does it work?

1.  The easiest way is to contact me on my email and then also attach any pictures you want to include on your digital QSL card as well as any personal text or information. If you do not have your own pictures, I will help you with that.

2.  I will then design a card (or even several example for you to choose from) that I send to you for approval.

3.  The final image will then be sent to you in the size of 528x336 pixels (the standard format of and a high resolution image in the format 90x140 mm for uploading to, for example, Global QSL or DARC etc.

Hope to hear from you soon and if You have any questions about this - just write and send me an email and I can then also give you more information!

Best 73's


Some of my own eQSL-cards


My latest design is ...

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