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The photograph is taken by Mikael Karlsson

Gardening is something I can compare to an artist who has put up a white canvas and started painting. One never really know how the results will be and there is always great potential for changes from one year to another. Sometimes the result is quite wonderful and lovely and in some cases "less good". Nature is incredible with its ability to adapt to different conditions. The fact that nature with all its plants wakes up every year after a long, dark and cold winter is so fantastic and I personally become just as happy every spring when it begins to grow in nature. What looked so gray and sad during the winter and early spring turns into a green and colorful sea during the summer and autumn.

I like to try new changes in the various flower beds in my garden and sometimes you have to just let the plants to be for some time for them to grow and become a little bigger. But every spring, I'm full of curiosity about the new constellations in the various flowerbeds becomes. The number of flowers and plants in my garden grows every year - some seeds are planted at home during the winter and then planted in the garden. This also means that the costs are not as high as if you were to buy ready-made plants at a garden shop - the disadvantage of planting and so own plants is that they usually need a season out in the garden to show their full strength in color and splendor the following year.

Some "before and after" pictures from my garden in 2019

In the pictures you will see examples of different changes between early spring and summer in some of the flowerbeds in my garden. You can also see a little more what my garden looks like in general during the summer of 2019.

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