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- The Global Wireless Hobby Without Borders -

What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio operators have at their fingertips the ability to directly contact fascinating people they never meet who live in distant places they´ll never visit.

Amateur Radio is a global hobby that promote international goodwill - there are no international or political boundaries.

(sourse ARRL Handbook 2014)

My start with Amateur Radio

On January 11, 1980, I became a shortwavelistener (SWL) with the signal SM0-6596.

Later the same year, August 14 1980, I got my first amateur radio license with callsign SM0LPO. Eleven days later I turned 14 years old.

Various categories within Amateur Radio

Total number of QSO's since my "new start" on November 12, 2012 and how these is divided between different modes


My memberships

Here is some various clubs and organizations of which I am a member.
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Mikael Karlsson

Swedish Amateur Radio Operator




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