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Hi I am Mikael!

Welcome to my website here on the Internet and it is mostly about a hobby that followed me throughout my life since I was a young boy - namely Amateur Radio. Besides amateur radio, I will also tell you more about three other interests, namely astronomy, photography and gardening.

I'm essentially a engineer in the field of mechanical engineering, but noticed early that I would rather work with people than with machines. I also wanted to contribute in my way of doing what I can to make our society a better place to live in. I also believe that by working with people I also got a more humble picture of my fellow human beings.

"One could say that life was very good and I enjoyed every part of it" ...

During the summer of 2010, when I was on a vacation with my daughter, I received my first symptoms that something was wrong in the body. I began to have unexplained pains in my feet and hands. In recent years, a larger number of medical tests were carried out, and after that I received a diagnosis of a neurological disease that was unbearable and today I'm working hard every day to be able to return to my work again sometime after the summer 2020.

The website fills in particular two purposes and these are as follows:

Purpose number 1
Due to my illness this website is a very important part of my everyday life today, where I can see what I've done and what I'm currently trying to achieve when in comes to my different hobbies. Being creative and constructive is important to me in my everyday life.

Purpose number 2
I also use the website as a tool to inform people who do not know me and to tell them a little bit more about my hobbies and also to tell others radioamateurs around the world about my achievements in the hobby and also to give you all some ideas on how to design your own website.

Welcome To My World!

The view from the Swedish restaurant "Stormköket", located 1274 meters above sea level - the photograph taken by my daughter

Mikael Karlsson

55 years

Single parent with a 20 years old daughter

My hobbies
Amateur radio, astronomy, photography and gardening

Mikael Karlsson

Swedish Amateur Radio Operator




Skogvaktarvägen 4, 1 trappa
151 47 Södertälje, SWEDEN



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