Welcome to my World of Amateur Radio

My name is

Mikael Karlsson

"This is the story about a small amateur radio station and it's achievements"

… My path through the air with low power (mostly QRP) combined with smaller and simpler antennas ...

The website is updated on March 19, 2019

Russian Federation

(AD) Republic of Adygeya

(AL) Altaysky Kraj

(AM) Amurskaya oblast

(AO) Astrakhanskaya oblast

(AR) Arkhangelskaya oblast

(BA) Republic of Bashkortostan

(BO) Belgorodskaya oblast

(BR) Bryanskaya oblast

(BU) Republic of Buryatia

(CB) Chelyabinskaya oblast

(CK) Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

(CN) Republic Chechnya

(CU) Republic of Chuvashia

(DA) Republic of Daghestan

(EA) Yevreyskaya Autonomous Oblast

(GA) Republic Gorny Altay

(HA) Republic of Khakassia

(HK) Khabarovsky Kraj

(HM) Khanty-Mansyisky Autonomous Okrug

(IN) Republic of Ingushetia

(IR) Irkutskaya oblast

(IV) Ivanovskaya oblast

(KA) Kaliningradskaya oblast

(KB) Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria

(KC) Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia

(KE) Kemerovskaya oblast

(KG) Kaluzhskaya oblast

(KI) Kirovskaya oblast

(KK) Krasnoyarsk Kraj

(KL) Republic of Karelia

(KM) Republic of Kalmykia

(KN) Kurganskaya oblast

(KO) Republic of Komi

(KR) Krasnodarsky Kraj

(KS) Kostromskaya oblast

(KT) Kamchatsky Kraj

(KU) Kurskaya oblast

(LO) Leningradskaya oblast

(LP) Lipetskaya oblast

(MA) City of Moscow

(MD) Republic of Mordovia

(MG) Magadanskaya oblast

(MO) Moscowskaya oblast

(MR) Republic of Marij-El

(MU) Murmanskaya oblast

(NN) Nizhegorodskaya oblast

(NO) Nenetsky Autonomous Okrug

(NS) Novosibirskaya oblast

(NV) Novgorodskaya oblast

(OB) Orenburgskaya oblast

(OM) Omskaya oblast

(OR) Orlovskaya oblast

(PE) Penzenskaya oblast

(PK) Primorsky Kraj

(PM) Permskiy kray

(PS) Pskovskaya oblast

(RA) Ryazanskaya oblast

(RK) Republic of Cremea

(RO) Rostovskaya oblast

(SA) Saratovskaya oblast

(SE) City of Sevastopol

(SL) Sakhalinskaya oblast

(SM) Smolenskaya oblast

(SO) Republic of Northern Ossetia

(SP) City of St Petersburg

(SR) Samarskaya oblast

(ST) Stavropolsky Kraj

(SV) Sverdlovskaya oblast

(TA) Republic of Tatarstan

(TB) Tambovskaya oblast

(TL) Tulskaya oblast

(TN) Tyumenskaya oblast

(TO) Tomskaya oblast

(TU) Republic of Tuva

(TV) Tverskaya oblast

(UD) Republic of Udmurtia

(UL) Ulyanovskaya oblast

(VG) Volgogradskaya oblast

(VL) Vladimirskaya oblast

(VO) Vologodskaya oblast

(VR) Voronezhskaya oblast

(YA) Republic of Yakutia

(YN) Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Okrug

(YR) Yaroslavskaya oblast