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Welcome to my World of Amateur Radio

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Mikael Karlsson

"This is a little story about a small amateur radio station and it's achievements"


The website is updated on January 2, 2019

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Do you have a card today that you would like to change or would you like to have a new QSL-card? Do you need some to assemble a card that you can easily use on or Global QSL etc?


For a very modest cost - only 5 Euro or 5$ - I can deliver a JPEG file to you with your own story and pictures which you then can upload and use on a digital services like or Global QSL etc. If you would like to use eQSL for this action you have to remember that it requires that you have at least a bronze subscription on the


I can help you designing a more personal card with your own story and your own pictures.


Personally - I think it's more fun to recieve a more personalized card (whether it's a paper QSL card or an eQSL card) instead of a card designed from a simple impersonal template. I rather would like to have a card that tells me something more about the person behind a callsign!


What do you think?

Click on the image to the right to see my workflow from an incoming assignment to a finished product ...