Welcome to my World of Amateur Radio

My name is

Mikael Karlsson

"This is the story about a small amateur radio station and it's achievements"

… My path through the air with low power (mostly QRP) combined with smaller and simpler antennas ...

The website is updated on April 09, 2019


(I will continuously add more contests and results)

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My philosophy when it comes to contests ...

Attending a contest is a very fun part of the hobby - It is primarily a matter of stubbornness and stamina and, of course, also experience - you will simply be more successful the more contests you participate in. Perhaps you think that one have to have huge and advanced antennas and high power to participate in a contest - that is absolutely not the case.

You see, everyone does can not have huge and advanced antenna systems, nor is it possible for everyone to run with a high power. Some want to run with low power and others with very high - some aim for large antennas on high towers and others enjoy simple wire antennas. No matter what you have for equipment, you can always participate in a contest and compete on your own terms.

You see - for me - contesting is a bit like competing in music - there are many different variables that are important for a really good result. So when it comes to music - which music is really the best - it's impossible to give only one single answer to that because everyone has their own music taste. So what is a good result in a radiocontest? There are many different answers to this particular question also and for You - the only one who can best answer this is just You and no one else.

I have realized that, for my part, the best opponent is myself (I know - it sounds like an old cliche) and I am trying to improve my own results from one year to another. Some years this works and some other years it does not work at all. But this strategy works fine for me and if I get a really good result in the end - then it´s just a bonus for me.

Hope to hear You on the air and if You hear Me - please give me a call.