EPC Awards

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My name is

Mikael Karlsson

"This is the story about a small amateur radio station and it's achievements"

… My path through the air with low power (mostly QRP) combined with smaller and simpler antennas ...

The website is updated on April 09, 2019

European Phase Shift Keying Club (EPC)

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ASSPA - Asian Stations PSK Award Series

AUPA - Austrian PSK Award

AVPA - Aosta Valley PSK Award

BAPA - Basilicata PSK Award


BEPA - Belgian PSK Awards

BSA - Baltic Sea Award

CMPA - Campania PSK Award

CPPA - Croatian Prefixes PSK Award Series

CZPA - Czech PSK Award

DANA - Danube PSK Award Series

DXDA - DX Discovery Award

EAMA - EPC Award Managers Award Series

EMRPA - Emilia-Romagna PSK Award

EPC-CRO Croatian PSK Award Series

EPCDL - EPC Deutschland PSK Awards

EPCMA - EPC Members Awards

EPCRU - EPC Russia Award Series

EUAPA - European Areas PSK Award

EUROPA - European Union PSK Award Series

EUSPA - European Stations PSK Award

FRPA - French PSK Award Series

FVGPA - Friuli-Venezia Giulia PSK Award

GRPA - Greek PSK Award Series

ICESA - Italian Special Event Stations Award

IPXPA - Italian Prefixes PSK Award

ITPA - Italian PSK Award

ITRPA - Italian Regions PSK Award

KZPA - Kazakhstan PSK Award Series

LAPA - Lazio PSK Award

LOPA - Lombardy PSK Award

MGSPA - Maidenhead Grid Squares PSK Awards

MWCA - Most Wanted Croatians Award Series

NLPA - Dutch PSK Award Series

NSA - North Sea PSK Award Series

ODESSA - Odessa PSK Award Series

PDPA - Piedmont PSK Award

PHPA - Prefix Hunter PSK Awards

PLPA - Polish PSK Award

PLPXPA - Polish Prefixes PSK Award

RGSPA - Russian Grid Squares PSK Award Series

ROPA - Romanian PSK Award Series

RPXPA - Russian Prefixes PSK Award Series

RRPA - Russian Regions PSK Award Series

RSPA - Russian Stations PSK Award Series

RUBO - Russian Region Of Belgorod PSK Award

RUKR - Russian Region Of Krasnodar PSK Award

RULP - Russian Region Of Lipetsk PSK Award

RUMA - Russian Federal City Of Moscow PSK Award

RUSM - Russian Region Smolensk PSK Award

RUVR - Russian Region Of Voronezh PSK Award

SCLPA - Scottish Locators PSK Award Series

SDPA -  Sardinian PSK Award

SHIFT - BPSK63 DXCC Award Series

SIPA - Sicilian PSK Award

TUPA - Tuscany PSK Award

UCPA - Ukrainian Counties Award Series

UKPA - United Kingdom PSK Awards

URPA - Ukrainian PSK Award Series

VEPA - Veneto PSK Award

WACPA - Worked All Continents PSK Award

YLPA - Young Ladies PSK Award Series