WRTC 2018

- A QSL-card is like a picture that says more than a thousand words -

More than 700 hams met in Germany for the "Olympic Games" of Amateur radio between July 12-16, 2018. The contestants consisted of 63 two-man teams from all over the world, who under the eyes of a referee, competed to be world champion using identical infrastructure from equivalent locations. The sites were supported by over 300 volunteers.

In total there were 262 746 contacts made around the world. This years (WRTC 2018) winner was Y81N with LY4L and LY9A with 5 139 QSO's in the final log (3 617 CW and 1 522 SSB) and the defending Champions from 2014 in Boston, USA, (operators N6MJ and KL9A) with the callsign Y82V came in third place. Read more here.

Next Championship will take place in Bologna, Italy, between July 6-11, 2022. Read more here.

Out of a total of 63 different contest stations, I have QSL cards from 53 of these and you can see all of my cards from WRTC 2018 below.
Unfortunately I don't have this years Champion, Y81N in my log.

Defending Champions from WRTC 2014 (Boston, USA)

Team Asia

Team Europe

Team North America

Team Oceania

South America

Team Wild Card

Sponsored Team

Youth Team

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